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Regaining Our Substance


What has been visible to us up to now may have been a virtual image.

In this age of increasing confusion between truth and falsehood, COVID-19 has revealed to us how fragile are the things that individuals think they understand and believe in. What then should people believe?

“In order for us to regain our substance, we need to return to our starting point and face ourselves squarely.”

SHINZAN KURIHARA, a sho artist who creates works based on the themes of boundaries and inner conflict, sets up each of his works and what it reflects in a space and attempts to represent in stages its actual substance together with a virtual image, how the virtual image collapses and ultimately how we can discover the light inside ourselves.

Through his proposal that “regaining our substance” may be what is required in the post-COVID-19 era, we would like to ask the viewers of this exhibition to focus their attention on how they think the world should be after the pandemic is over.

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